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"Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving forward" - Albert Einstein 


IT Skills and Courses

We are an accredited Online learning Centre, Our IT Courses allow those who are catching up with the changing digital world to gain skills in basic operating systems on computers. 

ESOL Training

Our ESOL courses are for varying levels and are suitable for learners whose first language is not English. Learners develop their reading, writing, listening, speaking skills and also grow their knowledge of the English language


WEA - Improve your Employability Course

If you are from a BAME or Under represented group we can offer support and advice to help you improve your employability along with the skills to assist and identify opportunities that are suitable for you

Veterans Foundation - Health, Welfare & Employment Support

The Crawford House Veterans Support project aims to assist veterans and their families by providing employability skills, volunteering opportunities, health and wellbeing provision for those who are from a military background


Onward Homes - DIY Skills course

Learn how to undertake DIY activities to keep your home in good condition, from fixing a damaged lock, changing a plug, new decorating and painting skill and techniques to benefit you and your home

Building Futures Programme 

The Building Futures programme is aimed at individuals who are interested in taking their first steps toward a new career in Construction, A variety of learning areas are covered, industry accredited qualifications are also provided to improve your employability


Volunteering at Crawford House

If you feel that you can spare some time to help out at Crawford House to assist in the delivery of a variety of activities for the benefit of the local community please get in touch or register your interest below

Health and Welfare Support

We offer a variety of Health and Welfare sessions, they aim to improve your mental or physical health, techniques are taught and advice given to help your health and welfare


" the computing course has helped me land a job and allowed me to do things I never knew you could do with a computer "


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