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Community Impact​

We thank all of our contributors, funders, grant givers, benefactors, personnel and volunteers that have enabled us to provide much needed services in these difficult times, their efforts have enabled the creation of Community Impact, below are some examples of activities provided for the benefit of local residents that we could not have delivered without your support

"This year we have been recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our local community and students, I proud to have been part of the learning team that has seen Crawford House Community Partnership deliver a variety of learning activities such as ESOL Education, IT Skills, DIY Skills, Health and Welfare,  Employability and Vocational courses to over 350 students in 2021"

Rob - Operations and Project Manager


"Through our partnership work with Crawford House we where able to deliver a variety of emergency food packages to the most vulnerable and in need in the local community during the first Covid-19 pandemic local lockdown, the vital lifeline of support resulted in almost 200 individuals benefitting from our help"

Peter- The British Red Cross

"We would like to offer our thanks to The National Lottery who provided vital support to Crawford House Community Partnership to enable us to continue to deliver services to communities through the recent pandemic"

The National Lottery

"We would like to thank Onward Homes who gave funding to enable us to run a 12 week DIY Skills course which saw attendees benefiting from learning new skills to help them with the upkeep of their homes, all individuals going onto achieve industry recognised accreditation on completion , With the pilot course being so well received we are aiming to deliver similar courses in the future for the benefit of all"

Rob- Operations and Project Manager

"We would like to thank The Workers' Educational Association (WEA) and their continued support which has seen many local residents who have English as a Second Language be able to take advantage of the Employability support programme that has seen them improve their digital skills, educational attainment, confidence and removal of barriers to progress into employment"

Hanar - IT Tutor


"I am part of the delivery team for the Crawford House Veterans Support project funded by "The Veterans Foundation" our project aims to assist veterans and their families by providing employability skills, volunteering opportunities, health and wellbeing provision for those who are from a military background, the project commenced  2021 and we are already seeing people accessing the support and benefiting from the programme, making a real impact on their and their families lives"

Monica- Health and Wellbeing Specialist


"The Steve Morgan Foundation are proud to have funded Crawford House projects for Emergency Covid-19 Response and Health and Welfare support that have benefitted individuals who are most in need from the local community"

Steve Morgan Foundation

"Crawford House CEO and Honorary President of the IGBO Community Association Liverpool was presented with an award and piece of art work by the Women of IGBO community, this was in recognition of the years he has dedicated supporting the whole of the local community, having a long and distinguished career in the private, public, and voluntary sectors. He is an urban renewal specialist in his own right, as well as holding a number of significant Board positions including previous Chair of the Afro-Caribbean Standing Committee, the Nigerian Community Centre, Merseyside African Council, Granby Toxteth SRB and Chair of Granby Residents Association, On behalf of the Igbo Community association Liverpool we thank you"

Moses- Director - ICAL


" The Black Initiative Alliance Group, are a Support Partnership Initiative for individuals based in or connected to Liverpool. The Group shares their various Skill Sets, Knowledge and Resources, working together as one voice for the success of the group and for the betterment of their black ethnic minority colleagues.

I am proud to represent Crawford House Community Partnership as a key contributor within the the group, helping to identify,  plan, share ideas, resources and activities for our communities benefit "

Chief Angus Chukuemeka - CEO Crawford House 

"The Liverpool Commonwealth Association, initially launched at Crawford house in 2015 ,  continues to meet and deliver strategies and activities across the Region for the benefit of all"

Chief Angus Chukuemeka - Honorary Patron

" Chief Angus Chukuemeka r eceiving an award for the years of support and service given to the Liverpool Commonwealth Association and the communities they work within, the celebration event was hosted at the Crowne Plaza Liverpool  "

"The Major of Birmingham pictured with Chief Angus Chukuemeka attending the launch of an Igbo community initiative that aimed to create impact and deliver activities across the West Midlands for the benefit of all"


"Chief Angus and a variety of dignitaries showing their support over the years at the Annual Slavery Remembrance and Commemoration Day (23rd August) hosted by The Liverpool Slavery Museum"


" Chief Angus Chukuemeka in deep conversation with MP Chuka Umunna exchanging their views on how to improve communities to begin to make them better for all"

"Chief Angus pictured with Rob launching the new Crawford House Community Partnership website (2020) which aimed to engage with local residents and wider population, raise awareness of what support is available for people to access, capture and demonstrate the work that Crawford House does to improve and benefit the local community"


The Manchester Centre for Public History and Heritage (MCPHH) hosted a talk by Crawford House Associate Dr Ray Costello followed by a Q&A session to mark the 75th anniversary of the Pan African Congress Conference- (Scroll to 12mins for commencement)

Dr Ray Costello- Crawford House Associate

Black History in the Royal Navy - 

Black Sailors at the Battle of Trafalgar

Black History Month

Trafalgar Day 21st October 2020 

The podcast features Dr Ray Costello, historian and author of Black Salt, talking to Andrew Baines, The National Museum of The Royal Navy’s Deputy Executive Director for Museum Operations and Curator of HMS Victory about black sailors at the Battle of Trafalgar. Ray reveals the presence of black sailors at the battle and provides insights into the lives of some of these individuals.

Black History in the Royal Navy - In Conversation- "Examining the Evidence"

Join our four contributors, Ray Costello, author and historian, Martyn Downer, author and independent specialist in Nelson artefacts and art, Ellie Ikiebe, Independent Heritage Interpreter and Dr Mary Wills, historian and honorary fellow of the Wilberforce Institute, University of Hull in conversation. Ray, Martyn, Ellie and Mary discuss how sources can and have been interpreted to build up a picture of black history within the Royal Navy.

Dr Ray Costello- Crawford House Associate


Crawford House

Crawford House has a rich history, serving the community in many ways, initially housing soldiers acting as a military barracks, post war the building  took on a new life and was then utilised and became the Local Fire station, After the building was left vacant it was redeveloped and converted to be used as a Multi Use facility housing, shops, office space, social areas, cafe and a learning centre for the benefit of the local community, 2020  has seen us celebrate our 25th Year and we now look to the future, and wish to continue to offer support for many more years to come

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