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IGBO Community Association Liverpool (ICAL)

Originally Formed in 1935, The Igbo Community was one of the first community organisations in Liverpool and among the oldest in the United Kingdom. The social and economic history of Igbo Community in Liverpool has been that of patriotism, love of Igbo culture, entrepreneurial, conflict resolution and reconciliations.

We endeavour to provide opportunities for people to come together, make friends, learn new skills, celebrate diverse cultures, heritage to enable people to improve their lives.

Chief Angus Chukuemeka - Honorary Patron and President 


“Africans have got an exceptionally long history in this city, and we want to celebrate that. We would like to be able to display African artefacts here, present lectures and have an African kitchen and cafe as well as a social club. We want it to be open to everyone in Liverpool and we want to celebrate the achievements of our ancestors and recognise the contribution they have made to the city. I was here in the building’s glory days when it served the community so well. This area used to be so vibrant. The social club attracted people from all over the city. Hopefully, it can be like that again in the future. we aim to do this by raising fund to  repair and renovate IGBO House for the future generations to enjoy”


IGBO House Restoration Project

The building though damaged and dilapidated is revivable and rich in potential. Our project therefore is to bring this historic building back to its former glory and eventually rebuild it to an ultramodern state of the art edifice. Community consultations have agreed to develop it as a centre to celebrate and preserve the legacies, archives, artifacts and achievements of Africans, African history, culture and heritage in Britain.

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IGBO Community Liverpool

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